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Obedience To The Word Of The Lord
By: Greg McCowen

 What if I told you that the Lord Jesus Christ wants to utilize your best efforts for the advancement of His Kingdom? Would you believe me? No, really...would you truly believe me? Well, the Lord Jesus Christ does want to utilize your best efforts for the advancement of His Kingdom. What comes to your mind right at this moment? How does your mind's eye picture it? Do you see yourself as a missionary to Africa? Living in a hut, wearing sandals and a large hat, slathered in sun block, holding a huge Bible, surrounded by emaciated natives as you wax eloquent about the free gift of salvation? Perhaps you see yourself in a beautiful television studio, smiling broadly into a camera, revealing amazingly white teeth, as you expound upon the power of a Spirit led life? Did you see yourself in a deserted area, sitting by a small brook, waiting for your next meal to be delivered by ravens? Probably not. On the other hand, maybe the prophet Elijah didn't see himself doing that either! But he did do it...he stayed there until he got his next instructions from the Lord. Those instructions were much like the previous ones...from a practical point of mind, the instructions didn't make good sense. Good thing Elijah wasn't concerned about that. In fact, Elijah was more concerned with doing exactly what God wanted him to do, regardless of what others might have thought.

What about you? Are you more concerned with doing what God's Word says, or what others think about you? Are you obedient to the Word of the Lord? If you are, you undoubtedly have seen many great acts of God in your life. If you are not obedient to the Word of the Lord, you are probably prone to have feelings of confusion, worry, inadequacy, and/or severe anger. (MORE TO COME...PLEASE RETURN SOON)

Your Partner In Ministry,

Greg McCowen


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