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Jesus Had People Skills...

Do you ever get tired of people? I know it seems like a harsh question, but do you? Do you sometimes get tired of hearing excuses? Do you find yourself trying to avoid certain attitudes? Do you ever feel a little lacking when it comes to dealing with difficult people? How about unfavorable characteristics of people? Isn't it strange how many people exhibit those characteristics, unbeknownst to themselves?

I am a social person by nature. Generally, I enjoy being around people. As a Christ follower I am commanded to love people. And, most of the time, it's not that hard to comply. However, at times I find myself being quite irritated by those I am supposed to love! It seems that no matter how hard I try, there are those people who can unwittingly get under my skin. Of course, they don't mean to. They aren't trying to make me angry. They aren't trying to bother me. But they do. Whose problem is that?! Is it their problem for being annoying? Or is it my problem for noticing?!

Jesus met people that caused Him grief. He ran into those who questioned everything He said, or did. He spent time answering their questions too, even when those questions were meant to entrap Him! He reached out with love to those whose habits were putrid to most other people. He reached out and touched people who were considered to be untouchable by the rest of society. His kindness seemed to know no bounds! Why Jesus even forgave those who blasphemed Him. He forgave those who spit on Him. He forgave the soldiers who whipped Him. He forgave the ones who mocked Him. He forgave the people who laughed at His pain. He forgave the soldiers who gambled for His robes. He forgave the ones who nailed His hands and feet to the cross. He treated with kindness the one who placed the crown of thorns on His head. He didn't curse the one who gave him gall to drink instead of water. Even Judas Iscariot, the one who betrayed Jesus with a kiss, didn't receive the ire of Jesus! People...Jesus loved them. He gave Himself for them. He died for them!

When I think about people, God's Word reminds me to think about Jesus. For it was Jesus who said, "What ever you have done unto the least of these my brethren, you have done unto Me". I wouldn't want to treat Jesus with contempt! I wouldn't be mean to Him! Why, I love Jesus! After all, He gave up everything for me! It was Him on MY cross! It was HIM bearing my burden of sin! It was Him who was crucified for me. I'm glad Jesus didn't get tired of people! I'm glad He didn't give up on us. You know He had every right to. He could have justified turning His back on me! But He didn't. He availed His back to the whip for me. He availed His back to the splinters of the cross for me. He availed His back to take my sins...and I love Him for it. Ironically, I love Him, because He first loved me...UNCONDITIONALLY! I didn't change before I came to Jesus...HE changed me after I came to Him.

It is true...people can be irritating. They can almost drive you up the wall sometimes. But they're just like me...and just like you. They haven't arrived yet. They're imperfect at best. They need a Jesus to listen to their complaints. They need a Jesus to offer them hope. They need a Jesus who won't push them away! They need a patient, loving, Jesus with skin on Him. That Jesus lives in me! That Jesus is the One who took my place on Calvary! That same Jesus who said, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do" is the One I am referring to! The One Who accepted the will of the Father when it meant death at the hands of none other than...PEOPLE!

Lord Jesus please forgive me for getting tired of people. Forgive me for falling prey to my own selfishness. Help me remember who I was before I experienced YOUR LOVE. Help me remember that I wasn't so desirable myself! YOU put up with the hateful people in Bible times...more than that...You allowed hateful people to put You up...on the cross that is. If You could do that then, You can put up with people TODAY through me. I avail my life to you Lord Jesus. I avail myself to people. My life is in YOU. YOU are my peace.  May YOU become my people skills!  Help me Lord to love You and love others today, better than I did yesterday. In Jesus' Name...AMEN.

Until next time, be blessed with God's BEST! And don't forget...we've been blessed to be a blessing!

Your Partner In Ministry,
Greg McCowen

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