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The Enemy Is Among Us...

Last week our country experienced another act of terrorism on our own soil. Thirteen people were slaughtered by a U.S. soldier at Fort Hood, Texas. In addition to these fatalities, thirty or more people were physically injured as a result of the gunman's actions. Only the God of Heaven knows how many people were emotionally damaged! According to eye witness accounts of how the massacre started, Major Nidal Hasan jumped up on a desk in a busy area and shouted, "Allahu Akbar"...Arabic for "God is Great  or God is Greatest". The Major, a psychiatrist, had previously not been considered by most, to be a threat to others. In fact, he was supposed to be a healer for those experiencing emotional and psychological distress.

It is alarming, and shocking when a person's true heart is revealed in this way. When they are exposed as someone with evil intent. Especially when we believed they were no different from us! Nidal Hasan was NOT one of us in the traditional sense. Sure, he looked the part...but as a soldier, he was not a protector of this country's foundational beliefs. He was in fact, an interloper. He was an enemy among us. His killing spree indicated extreme prejudice. By the standards of modern media, he would be considered a "hater".

Ultimately, what is Major Nidal Hasan? A murderer? A hater? A terrorist? I submit to you that ultimately, Nidal Hasan is a LIAR! He lied to get where he was. He lied to maintain his position. And he lied in order to fulfill his mission of death! When you think about it, lying is a foundational mandate for those wishing to hurt others. Satan himself lied to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Why? So he could carry out his death sentence on man! Conversely, GOD'S TRUTH brings about life. God's Truth will never violate His love for us, and His His LOVE will never violate His Truth. LIFE can only be found through the TRUTH that is delivered to us by the LOVE of Christ! According to what we know, Nidal Hasan believes that killing can bring about life of an eternal nature. Unfortunately for him, and those he killed (and their families), He IS DEAD WRONG!

One day, when Nidal Hasan dies, as we all will...he will have to face the TRUTH. Those who believe the Bible as it is written, know there is no Allah who will greet him as he passes over from this life to the next. We know He will never realize the lie of seventy-two virgins. He will however, face the true and living we all will. His knee will bow, and his tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is LORD! And he will be judged. Not by me. Not by you. But by the God of this universe! Jesus is the Righteous Judge. He KNOWS the heart! Enemies of God will not be given access to Heaven...their eternity will be spent in the torturous flames of Hell! They will be separated from the love of Christ forever.

Remember, God is not willing that ANY should perish, but that ALL would have everlasting life...WITH HIM. Yet, He will not take our right to choose away. He will never "twist our arms" spiritually speaking. That's why there are so many enemies of the cross among us. They have been given FREE CHOICE! They have the ability to make life decisions...we ALL DO! The question is...will we choose wisely? Will we see the love of Jesus and accept His free gift of eternal life? Or will we resist His love? Will we demand our way, or accept HIS WAY? It is truly up to us.

Many have lamented that God could have stopped Eve from eating the fruit. For that matter, He could have created human robots! Instead, He made us. With all of our problems, our short comings, and idiosyncrasies. He created the Nidal Hasans of the world. Jesus died that they might have life, and have it more abundantly. God doesn't hate Nidal Hasan, and neither do I. He was the enemy among us, because of HIS choice...not because of intolerance by the religious right. He was the enemy among us, because of a lie he believed, and chose to live.

You and I have the same choice Nidal Hasan has. We can choose to believe a lie, and be damned. Or we can believe the TRUTH, and be set free from the lie! We can choose to believe God's Word, or take the word of men. I choose to believe in Jesus. I choose to believe in His TRUTH, HOPE, & LOVE. I choose to love others, not hate them. I choose to speak the TRUTH, and live by it, no matter who may disagree. I choose the ABUNDANT LIFE that Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, and resurrection from the dead provides for me. What about you? What do you choose?Big Tent Revival -   Choose Life

Until next time, be blessed with God's BEST!

Your Partner In Ministry,
Greg McCowen


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